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A Guide to Creating a Smart SMS

A Guide to Creating a Smart SMS

A Smart SMS contains your text and a special link. You’ll just need to design that page using our software.

It’s quite simple, check out the step by step below 🙂

How can I create a Smart SMS?

1, Hit Smart SMS (over the top menu), Send Smart SMS, Find Compose SMS and  Create. 

2, Write the Campaign Name as your wish

3, Choose Sender Id which one you get approval

4, Choose contacts

–    You can import contacts list from Excel, CSV, Text, Or Type the manual numbers.

 –   If you add the Manual numbers then Click Auto Add Country Code. You can also remove duplicates using Remove duplicate option.

5, Enter Message – Next step will be typing your message as you use to do in your             SMS campaigns, the editor is very similar as you can see

  • Drafts, if you wrote content and save it as a draft then you can use this option to drag a content
  • Templates – Choose templates which one is approved 
  • Insert Smart Link – Firstly, Everyone needs to know Select a whole variable sentence including brackets then delete it. if you want to insert a link then do the following instruction.
  • You can insert a smart link following two types 

                           a, Enter your URL, you will get displayed URL (Short / Smart Link)  then click Insert link

                        b, Upload File: Click upload, you will get Displayed URL (Short / Smart Link) then click Insert link

6.   Select Send option

7. Now You can see message preview options like cost price, Total Number, Total Cost, etc., Once Cross check the details then hit the Send button. If you see the successfully sent message then your SMS was sent successfully. 

8.  If you want to Check the campaign report, go to the Campaign report option.

It has all information like Campaign name, sender ID, Message, Campaign Status, etc.

9. If you want to track the campaign details, go to the Campaign report, choose the Eye icon under the Action. You can see a live report like how many messages were sent, How many times my Smart link was clicked, recipient mobile number, Message status, etc.

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