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DLT News: DLT is now live and accounts that have added Entity ID/Registration ID and DLT-approved headers can send messages. Read more...   Rat SMS is one of 3 bulk SMS aggregators with direct operator connectivity from Airtel, Jio, VodaIdea & BSNL in Chennai.


Why Rat SMS?

Experience the best Returns with an unmatched delivery process as you send bulk SMS. Reach your customers directly and quickly with the help of bulk SMS, OTP’s, updates, attachments to the SMS, and so on.

The best marketing and advertising with the bulk SMS service

Now is your chance to make the addition of rat SMS bulk SMS with the channel mix as well as make your customers delighted with perfect returns in mobile marketing.

For any kind of reminder, alert on the marketing process, the use of bulk messaging is widespread.  You can also communicate with staff and customers in this way.

How you can be benefited from the rat SMS

As a return for your mobile marketing, the use of rat SMS bulk SMS service creates a lot of difference as a whole. With the help of this SMS service, the creation and sending of proper SMS marketing messages can be possible. You can also attach files, images, personalized office as well as discount vouchers along with that. Moreover, tracking the performance of your online and offline advertising campaigns can be e possible with rate SMS service.

Expect the best return to your expenditure.

Bulk SMS is the best marketing channel that offers 98% open rates. Along with the attachments as well as an Analytics email, bulk SMS goes fine, offering you a fresh marketing opportunity giving you a leading position from the competitors. Proper message delivery in each instance is something that you can be sure of in this case.

Promotion of special offers

Enhancement of the client’s marketing campaigns and the special offers and discounts purchase is now possible. The bulk SMS service offered by us is well managed. So that customers get a straightforward and quick outlook on the marketing offers in this case.

Learning the best SMS campaign

You have the option to make plans for advanced SMS campaigns as per your customers. For that, only a few modifications are required. It may be e the personalization of an endless number of texts through the multiple merge fields for the text with regional languages, or even attaching the images and files and sending them in large bulks. You can expect the best from rat SMS.

Internal communication

Along with the bulk SMS service, you can redirect the clients to the other updates on the television, billboards, and radios. This is the kind of internal process where everybody stays in the loop using the SMS.

Market research conducting

Mobile optimized services are possible on the platform. You can make them shared through the SMS, and you will be surprised to know that the response rates are relatively high from the clients. This data is critical when it comes to data collection campaigns and market research.

Instant mobile web page making

Now it is relatively easy to make a mobile landing page.  You can make one quite quickly with the help of SMS marketing campaigns, thanks to Rat SMS. There will be no delays, or you will not have to depend on your IT team for this.

Tailor-made solutions

All you have to do is to mention your requirements, and you will get it all from rat SMS. We have the best in-house team that offers a wide range of services ranging from data management to custom SMS API integration as well as bespoke results.

Trust us, your experience with rat SMS will be most satisfying.

The finest in class SMS delivery process 

Experience quick and perfect delivery rates and speed thanks to the direct Telecom operator connectivity and intelligence bulk SMS gateway system that we have.

Practical and easy

You will not have to spend a lot of time and effort for your bulk SMS Communications, as we will have a simple web interface and APIs that will make your work easier.

Perfect customer support system

Ready with a detailed demonstration process, API integrations, and bespoke requests, we are sure to help you in every way. SMPP Connectivity is a direct connection to carriers and provides instant delivery.

All in one solution

Be it transactional SMS or promotional SMS, through APIs and plugins for UI. You can set up the accounts and make the best out of it.

Try us. You will love the Rat SMS experience.

Best-in-class SMS Delivery

Get best in class delivery rates and speeds with our direct telecom operator connectivity and advanced bulk SMS gateway.

Easy and Powerful

Send powerful bulk SMS messages from our advanced web interface and comprehensive & flexible APIs.

Quick Customer Support

You need a demo session, an API integration, we’re always there to help you.

One Place for All SMS Needs

Send promotional or transactional SMS through website, APIs & plugins, direct accounts & more!

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