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Your data will have complete safety. From rat SMS, there will not be any kind of disclosure of your data, and that includes the mobile number that you have uploaded. Only for the purpose of SMS marketing, your data will be used. Up properly secure 128-bit encrypted service is provided by that SMS, which is the same as banking security.

There will never be an expiration of your credits.

As Excel understands the mobile number you have as a long number, it makes its conversion to a scientific notation. To fix this problem, you can click on the column header and click Format Cells->As Number->0 decimal places.

It may be possible for a message to use one credit if you follow the given instruction:

. Do not use more than 160 characters per message.
. Do not use over 70 characters in the Unicode message.
. Do not much the data into your message as it increases the characters.

Messages are not possible to be sent to the mobile numbers that a registered outside India. However, even if a mobile number is in international roaming and yet registered in India, then you can send your message to that number.

For the authentic sending of the text, messages API is used. In the case of rat SMS, it is a free service. You can integrate it into your system for sending real-time text messages to your clients. According to the events, the messages can be sent. Also, they can be sent according to the time and user.

Promotional SMS:
.For sending offers, promotions are discounts promotional SMS are used to both new and existing customers. The solicitation of the messages may or may not take place by the recipient.
. Only non DND numbers and obtain numbers used for the messages.Within 9 a.m. To 9 p.m. You can send the promotional SMS.The delivery of the promotional bulk SMS is done along with a random 6 digit sender ID. The Telecom operator assigns this ID.

Transactional SMS: In the case of sending OTPs, booking, international messages, and order alerts to the registered customers, the transactional SMS is used. These SMS are not intended for marketing purposes.
. These messages are sent to all the recipients even when they are DND status is activated.
. Along with a customized 6 Alpha character sender ID, the transactional SMS is sent according to the business or product name. This delivery of SMS is done.

As you start to get configured with the promotional account, according to the TRAI regulations, the national do not disturb registry e corresponding numbers will not allow any promotional SMS. Therefore from rat SMS, we make sure that you adhere to the try regulations. We find out and remove all the DND numbers that you have of your recipients. No SMS credit is required for these numbers.

To all numbers, the transactional messages such as the OTPs on the order alerts can be sent, and that includes the persons who have registered with their DND numbers.

The below steps will clarify the best options for sending bulk SMS online with rat SMS.
. You need to Signup for a rat SMS account.
. You need to buy credits for the SMS.
. You can upload or add contacts.
. You can create your SMS both in English and in regional languages.
. Include short links; merge the field’s excellent service through the SMS campaign. Event schedule your messages as per requirement.
. Our service makes it easier for you to track the real-time delivery reports and also the reports for advanced campaign clicks.

You can make use of our bulk SMS software and service for free. All you will have to do is to pay for the text after you send them. Through online, you can buy the credits for rat SMS. These credits can be used both for promotional transactions and SMS sending. Please call us on +91 – 75067 12345 or email us at sales@ratsms.com, and we will get back to you for a sales inquiry.

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