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OTP SMS Provider

As day by day, the amount of cyber crime and data theft is on the rise, the importance of data security process to become powerful has been a constant requirement for the companies. Whereas companies like Google and Facebook have opted for two-step authentication processes for their websites for your company website, the OTP SMS Technology might be of great value.

What Is OTP SMS?

One time password or OTP is the short message that contains Avon time auto-generated password. This password is delivered to the registered mobile phone number as the user initiates one request. Presently, this post-process is quite famous for the companies and the individuals as they tend to make sure that their website log in is done by authorized persons.

Using this OTP SMS service is quite simple. After the user uses his username and password in the login process, he gets the OTP SMS on his registered mobile phone through OTP SMS provider. This SMS offers him a code that generally is of 4 to 6 digits. The user can use this code only one time, and he needs to do that quite quickly as in most cases, the OTP expires after a minute, and in that case, the user needs to generate another one after that. On the website, spaces are offered for writing the code there, and only when the user does so, he can log in. The process is quite simple, and yet it ensures the proper security of the website.

OTP verifications, whom they are for:

The complication of Identity theft has become an unnerving problem all around the globe. As presently, many companies and users keep their personal and sensitive information on the web; the need for privacy and security is on the rise. According to a survey, more than 15 million people in the USA become cyber-attacks each year. A total loss of 50 million dollar results from it. According to the statistics, this data indicates that more than a hundred million people in the US may lose their data anytime soon.

With the use of the OTP SMS providers verification process, the users get additional protection options from the hackers as they log in to the website. When the website carries some sensitive information, it is quite logical to use the SMS OTP verification process. You will not have to spend a lot of money to opt for it. Your user’s security will be ensured adequately with this technology on your website.

How the big brands make use of the OTP SMS: examples

At present, some of the services have made use of the OTP SMS Technology as an optional service. But there are a lot more who have to use it as a mandatory one For The login process. Especially in the case of those companies that carry sensitive information on their website related to online payment and financial savings, the use of OTP SMS is a must now. On the one hand, you will find the online payment banks and wallets utilizing OTP SMS providers service, and all the other, you will find The E-Commerce platforms such as Amazon taking such protective measures for the security of their website process.

At the time of any kind of credit or debit card transaction, almost all the card providers send OTP SMS to the cardholders for ensuring the protection level.

Amazon OTP text message

In the case of Amazon, there is a two-step verification process in the text SMS OTP. At the time of login into their respective Amazon accounts, the users are offered OTP options through a voice call and OTP through the Amazon Authenticator app. It happens that several customers choose to use their personal devices in the login process. Therefore Amazon gives the option to register the user devices. In that case, OTP is not used at every time of login.

In some of the devices that are offered by Amazon, OTP authentication is required for sure. But these authentications do not get redirected to a secondary page for the OTP. For this, the customers need to login into their device one time. There if the user gives any wrong username or password, then the device will show him an error message even if the OTP is proper. In that case, a secondary sign-in is required with an appropriate username and password along with the correct OTP code. Only then can he enter the right account.

Gmail SMS OTP verification

It is always suggested by Google to of for 2 step OTP verification process. Especially when it comes to their users of Gmail, search verification processes are highly recommended. In such cases, authorized access is hardly possible. In this case, the users can make use of the OTP service free of charge. If the user makes login to Gmail account from unauthorized devices, then OTP SMS is sent to the registered mobile phone. Once this code is entered into the account, only then the Gmail account will open. Google confirms that the account passwords can be hacked anytime soon, and therefore the OTP is a good protective measure.

Facebook OTP SMS verification

It is true that from Facebook, there have not been any strict guidelines for OTP SMS verification for the users, but using the same will offer generous support so far as the protection of the user information is concerned. In that case, the users enlist their registered mobile number to Facebook in order to enable their two step verification process. Since then, whenever they would log in, an OTP will be sent to their mobile phone. This will be at a six-digit OTP code, and using the user can enter the Facebook account.

OTP SMS service from rat SMS

Rat SMS offers the best setups if you are willing to provide your customers with the two-step verification service through OTP SMS. You can trust the service. With the use of rat SMS verification authentication, you can send the OTP of 4 digits to the users and ensure their authentication process.

Before you off for our service, you also get the opportunity to test our phone verification process to get a proper idea of how we work and how you can benefit from the service. As a part of the test process, you can send 30 SMS for free. You will also experience flexibility in the pricing of the verification messages. According to the volume of the SMS, you can make your payment.

Other than the SMS verification process ratsms.com also provides a phone verification API process. This API is essential for the proper integration with the existing platform you have and customizing your OTP SMS message.

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