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The Importance of Bulk SMS DLT Registration in India

The Importance of Bulk SMS DLT Registration in India

Now is the right time to understand the importance of Bulk SMS DLT registration. Every principal entity should opt for DLT registration to continue to communicate with subscribers without disruption. DLT or Distributed Ledger Technology is a transparent platform based on blockchain technology. Bulk SMS aggregators like us communicated with several firms in the public interest.

TRAI mandate the registration process to stop the practice of SMS spamming. Bulk SMS DLT registration applicable for the bulk SMS aggregators to TRAI, when introduced. The rules mandated to all the companies or entities who want to send the transactional SMS or promotional SMS to subscribers.

A Few Words About DLT

All transaction records are kept by DLT transparent. These records are made through the network participants.

By now, a large portion of the aggregators and entities implemented and developed DLT platform-based applications. It’s the main objective? More transparency. The whole system aims at reducing the spamming process.

There are additional factors as well for which the companies need to take special attention to the TRAI rules. This automated process is the best option to keep transparency at large. It is important for the companies to register within the DLT platform the verification codes, OTP, notification, etc., that the businesses are supposed to be sending the customers for important transactions.

What the new TRAI rules offer

The new TRAI rules shield the customers from any sort of unsolicited commercial communication. This is why it has come up with a wide range of new regulations that are really customer-centric.

  • The companies will have to follow the guidelines are that aimed at the reduction of the fraudulent practices of sending Spam SMS. Also, it promises safety on the customer’s end.
  • The telecom operators don’t allow entities to send SMS without a DLT registration number.
  • The accountability of the telecom operators will be direct to TRAI.
  • The blockchain-based DLT technology is to be used for this whole process. So blacklisting is easy as ever before.

Principal Entity

This happens to be the organization also called entities that sends the SMS to be subscribers. Such entities can be anyone, an individual or the firm.

End Customer

This happens to be the mobile subscribers who are actually getting the promotional SMS or Transactional SMS or OTP SMS. They are the ones to set the preferences for getting the SMS from the entities.

Service Provider (Aggregators)

Aggregators are the middle companies (RAT SMS) through which the SMS messages sent through the portal.


Now you understood the importance of Bulk SMS DLT registration. Check our step by step guide for DLT registration process. Contact us at +91 – 75067 12345 or write an email to anytime.

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