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What is Transactional SMS and Why Should You Use it?

What is Transactional SMS and Why Should You Use it?

A transactional SMS is a non-marketing automated text message sent from a business to a customer. transactional SMS using for order confirmations, welcome text messages, and shipping updates also provides valuable information about their product.

Benefits of Transactional SMS 

  • On average, people spend about 3.5 hours each day on their smartphones, there is high chances are that you will reach your audience.
  • More than 95 percent of people read an SMS within the first three minutes. People read the sms very fast. Besides, their open rate reaches 98%, consistent with Gartner, Bulk sms providing is better than email marketing
  • It helps people. Transactional SMS Chennai helps people in plenty of communication touchpoints with your brand. Using SMS, you’ll build a solid brand image It is a convenient medium. 

Transactional SMS vs. Promotional SMS

  • Transactional sms provider helps to Sending  Alert SMS like an ( E-Commerce Website, Related to School, Financial Organization,  Hospitals, NGO, Govt. offices) to customer
  • Registered customers only like  Booking Information, Banks SMS, OTP information,  Payment due information, Order delivery confirmation, You Can Use Our Transaction SMS services.
  • Promotional sms provider using for  Sending, Offers / Discount SMS, Personal SMS, Marketing SMS,  Political SMS, Invitational SMS, Business Promotion SMS, Wishes SMS (Like – New Year, Happy Diwali, Happy Birthday, )You Can Use Our  Promotional SMS services.

Types of Transactional SMS

As a brand, you can use  transactional SMS for plenty of  non-marketing purposes like the following

  1. Without using personal contact you can Schedule appointments to speed up communication with multiple customers 
  2. Help to get one-time passwords in Accounts;
  3. Reset passwords;
  4. Allow checking credit and debit information on bank accounts;
  5. Confirm or cancel ticket booking.
  6. Keep customers informed with delivery and shipping updates 
  7. Confirm orders to ensure everything is OK

Transactional SMS Examples

This transactional SMS is sent to confirm an order

This message answers how much money is there in the user’s bank account balance.

Facebook. The social media giant uses transactional SMS to enable users who have forgotten their password to log in their account.

The mailing service provides a report with all the necessary information regarding the shipping details.

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