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DLT News: DLT is now live and accounts that have added Entity ID/Registration ID and DLT-approved headers can send messages. Read more...   Rat SMS is one of 3 bulk SMS aggregators with direct operator connectivity from Airtel, Jio, VodaIdea & BSNL in Chennai.

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    Bulk SMS Aggregator

    RAT SMS is a bulk SMS aggregator offers utmost customer satisfaction with the new age SMS marketing. With smart setup and maximum output, we deliver faster solutions in the market with direct operator connectivity.

    OTP Bulk SMS

    The OTP or the One Time Password is an integral part of the SMS marketing process. It comes to the mobile phone number of the registered user. Companies all over the globe use this process for their SMS marketing initiation process. For checking the authenticity of the login requests, this happens to be essential. We are one of the top 10 OTP SMS Gateway Providers in India.


    Promotional Bulk SMS

    The short messaging Service or the Promotional SMS process is the perfect marketing process. The whole process is run through text advertisements regarding Services or products provided by different companies or organizations. Such direct advertisement processes show excellent results in the campaigns and Promotional sms gateway helps to raise the website ranks.

    Transactional Bulk SMS

    The Transactional Bulk SMS is also a part of the SMS campaign. This format of this SMS service has a vast number of additional features. For getting the sender id (Six Character SENDER ID), year-round delivery, and more, this SMS process is essential. Transactional SMS Provider helps to delivered on DND Non-DND Numbers both, and this is a significant advantage in this case.


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