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File Attachments via Smart SMS 

Recently, Rat SMS has been working on a feature that is who wants faster announcements and more control over sending SMS using specific area codes.We are announcing Smart SMS, a feature that does both.The service allows users to upload a contacts’ database, manage it by creating groups of contacts, blacklists, segments for further setting targeted SMS campaigns. Our platform allows you to send both Bulk SMSs, You can create bulk SMS or single SMSes campaigns. Smart SMS Technique is the Latest way to send URLs in-text SMS also ensures speedy delivery of announcements and provides control over the location of text messages.You can send an Image, Documents, Video URLs using the attachments option. You can see your location based report using the Geolocation option and also you can check how many times your message opened, how many people are getting  your messages.

Advantages in Smart SMS

Open Links

Get the real-time count of open links. The multi function tool tracks your campaign. This tool is free

   Clicked Link

Track how many people clicked the attachment? Get insights like their mobile numbers, time, devices, etc.

  Circle Wise Report

Get the real-time circle report eg.Maharashtra. using a smart sms you can get a State wise report

  Better than Email

The reach for your SMS attachments is definitely going to be faster & efficient than Emails.

  No Extra Cost

Attachments in SMS won’t cost anything, the only thing you will be paying for is texts and no Hidden charges 

  Mobile Device

If you have a file that is less than 10MB, you can attach it. No matter whatever format of file, it can be sent via SMS files.

The best part about Smart SMS is it always remembers the sending number which is used to contact a recipient.Ensure Rat SMS users can be sure that their customers have a single number to contact for all future messages.If you’d like to learn more about Smart SMS or to see it in action, feel free to Call or Whatsapp to us at
+91 – 75067 12345 and we’ll set up a demo for you. If you’re already a Rat SMS customer, you can create a Smart SMS Campaign and give it a try for yourself. For further details, check out the documentation.

How can your business use Smart SMS attachments?

If you have a file that is less than 10MB, you can attach it.

Attach files to your SMS in few Steps:

Step 1: Hit Smart SMS (over the top menu), Send Smart SMS, Find Compose SMS and Create.

Step 2: Write the Campaign Name as your wish

Step 3: Choose Sender Id which one you get approval

Step 4: Choose contacts

Step 5: Enter Message

Step 6: Select Send option 

Note: Click to know more about how to Compose Smart SMS 



We support all popular file formats, just ensure it’s less than 10 MB in size

We also support:.xls,.xlsx,.doc,.pdf,.jpeg,.jpg


Share your PDF, PowerPoint SMS Using short links, whether it’s a weekly/monthly update, business performance report, or a simple product intro deck for quick review.


Attach PDF brochures to your bulk SMS campaigns and see response rates hit the roof!, you can send an SMS from Your saved numbers list, it will take by using the area code of the recipient.


The potential reach here is outstanding. A Rat SMS customer generated a 40% click-through rate when sending their monthly newsletter as an SMS message attachment.

  Audio files

You can share audio files including .mp3 and .wav over SMS. Let your recipients listen to music or download songs or promotional audio clips in just a click.


You can share video files using short links. Let your recipients watch your video or download video files or promotional video clips in just a click.


Attach a PNG/JPEG in your SMS and convey more in 160 characters. You don’t worry about hosting and uploading them and generating short URLs – With the help of Rat SMS Team.

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