Bulk SMS Gateway Aggregator

An SMS gateway is a way to end a text message with or without using a mobile phone. It is mainly used to send SMS text messages from the website or applications to mobile subscribers for alert notifications.

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You can choose the best suitable bulk SMS route for your business/product, as we provide promotional bulk SMS for promoting your brand purposes.

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There are different ways to send SMS to a mobile phone, either via direct operator SMPP Gateway connections, SMPP aggregators, SMPP provider, operators’ email gateway, GSM modem, and Otp SMS Gateway Provider, which are basically level aggregators.

Use of an SMS gateway and a GSM modem

SMS gateway is a software that lets you to send, receive SMS for application. It is analogous to connecting a modem to your computer and connecting it to your ISP (in the old days). If you are thinking of sending and receiving SMS from your application, there are basically some ways to do it, depending on the volume and the cost.

The GSM modem is basically a cell phone. You then connect this modem to your computer, either serial or USB. We have only worked with serial. You now need to configure the SMS gateway you are using, for example, what port, speed, etc. Once configured, you can now use it to send SMS. See this. This is very profitable but not very scalable. We have tested it, and we can only send 3 SMS per minute.

A second method is to use an SMS provider (do a Google search). Just subscribe to the service. They get some documents or a library to let you connect to their servers, and they will do the sending and receiving for you. To receive, the provider will provide you with a number for each country in which it has a presence.