DLT Registration

Important changes in Regulations going live from 19th October 2020*

Regulatory changes with great importance that after getting live on 19th October 2020

The Telecom operators have come up with the changes mentioned below according to the implementation of TCCCPR 2018 regulations. This change will be on effect from 25th October 2020.

In case your messages fail to comply with the following instructions then the operator will block it.

. All the SMS that includes transactional and promotional SMS, Service implicit, has to be sent through headers approved LTE only.

. Along with the header and the message details including the entity ID for the dlt registration, it is mandatory. In case you have not shared with us your entity ID then you can make the addition of the same in your rat SMS account. For that the following steps are important.

You need to log into the rat SMS user account and then enter in messages followed by the sender ID list and principal identity or registration id.


Question & Answer

It is a mandatory action to complete DLT registration as those who are to send SMS of both transactional and promotional nature to have to abide by the rules. The sender names need to be there under any circumstances. Upon your registration on the DLT platforms, there will be no chance of destruction of your service of traffic.

Registration fees for DLT Registration
Position of the fees defer in in each reality portal and that is not with in control of rat SMS. All we will be offering you are the options that are available and the option to get registered with multiple portals for fast approvals.

In case only when you have the unique ID you can expect completion of any further process. The documentation of the post verification will be done by the operator at that time only.

Ford receiving your unique ID you need to follow to more steps.

As the current regulations follow, the routing of your promotional traffic needs to take place from the 6 digit sender ID, which is your registered promotional header. As of now, the promotional SMS is allowed to be sent under standard settings, presently the requirement for this registration is of high importance specially in the case of DLT implementation.

Mandatory new regulations
Present TRAI regulations have made it mandatory for the Telecom operators to abide by the instructions and there is nothing to be done from the part of rat SMS to delay the implementation. If the sender names are not present with the approval at any DLT portal then your SMS will surely be blocked by the Telecom operator.

In 3 steps the registration process into the DLT platforms can be done. First is to get the unique ID, then to registered the headers and finally e to add the telemarketer. When it comes to the VILPOWER and BSNL DLT platforms then only one additional step is needed. Below you will find the PlayStation process in detail.
Airtel DLT (https://DLTconnect.airtel.in/)
BSNL DLT (https://www.ucc-bsnl.co.in/)
JIO DLT (https://trueconnect.jio.com/)
Vodafone DLT (https://www.vilpower.in/)

Note:Register your headers in the DLT platforms. Please take a look at the header registration process right here.

Add Telemarketer –
.In BSNL DLT, AIRTEL DLT, JIO DLT, VILPOWER DLT Platforms – Make selection of the Telemarketer from dashboard > Click on Add > Type “NAZI ENTERPRISES” or “NAZI ENTERPRISES (all).”
.In “Select your Telemarketer” text box > Wait for the drop-down to appear > Select NAZI ENTERPRISES from the drop-down > Add ”140200000124” in the Enter your Telemarketer ID textbox > Click Add

At the time your headers get approved on any DLT platform, contact to support@ratsms.com with screenshots of the approved headers of yours so we get the whitelisted from the operator end. Once the Sender id gets uploaded and done. So do all the testing post 15 minutes on the internal numbers prior to starting the bulk traffic just get in touch with us regarding the issue.


Hi! At present we are getting a great number of chat messages. Under the situation of Covid 19, we are in process with limited capacity. Therefore, we will get back to you asap, however, it may take a while.

We are in the process of updating our customers systematically according to the chats pending as well as replying the new queries as well. For that we are also depending on the support executive. Therefore, the ticket ID is the notable option for you. We appreciate the patience and cooperation you have shown in these troubles times, we would need it. We hope you are safe and healthy. Post-registration, please email your Unique Entity ID along with a screenshot of your DLT account displaying the approved headers support@ratsms.com Know more about Transactional SMS Provider, Bulk SMS Gateway Provider, OTP SMS Provider