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Features of OTP SMS


Instead of using usernames and passwords, it is safe to use OTP as an opening key.

Payment confirmation

While paying online for credit cards and other bank purposes, issuers prefer Otps for security reasons from the receiver.

High security

Used as a protection wall, while entering/opening some highly secured customer files & data.

OTP triggering API

Integrate API easily with SMPP to trigger OTP SMS to the user's mobile number from the operator.


As usual, 100% deliverable and also live report can be downloaded.


Can be combined with the PIN as OTP, used to verify the phone numbers of the users as primary identification.

What is OTP SMS?

OTP SMS is the one-time password that is used as a protective case for some login purposes. It can be specified with some random numbers that are generated by google-authenticator and it follows the HMAC algorithm and TOTP or HOTP. Not all the time users can receive OTP can only receive it when they are in need.

It will be received within 1 min and valid for some specific time. There is no specific time for sending OTP SMS as other SMS. Rat SMS provides you with the best OTP service at an affordable price. As we are one of the leading bulk SMS aggregators, we will give you full support to reach customers without any hesitations.

You can get trustworthy services with real-time reports. For the bulk OTP SMS price clarifications, you can visit our pricing page with exciting offers.

If you want to send OTP related SMS to the existing customer you can use bulk sms service implicit.