Promotional Bulk SMS

SMS connects services all over the world. We offer outstanding service to wholesale clients in India.

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Features of Promotional SMS

Complete Language Support

Unicode allows you to deliver messages in every language in the world.

24/7 Delivery

Your messages will be delivered round the clock with unmatched delivery rates & speed, even to DND numbers.

Best Delivery Rates

Automated SMS campaigns are sent with a speed of 200-500 messages per second.

Well-documented APIs

Use our Universal REST APIs to integrate text messages into your apps, website, software, application, status updates, etc..

GSM & CDMA Support

Send SMS to subscribers with mobile operators that use the GSM and CDMA standards.

Detailed Reporting

Clear and detailed reporting on the status of every single SMS.

SMS Personalization

Add the recipient’s name, offer loyalty program bonuses, give a discount as a gift for a subscriber’s birthday, and much more. Add variables to your mailing list to get started with personalization.

Statistics and Analytics

Measure the effectiveness of your SMS campaign by tracking delivery rates.

API Support for Developers

Choose a promotional bulk SMS service that provides an SMS API that uses popular development platforms and languages such as C#, C# Async, HTTP, PHP, VB.NET, VB.NET Async APIs. Use our API to integrate SMS service with your website or CRM system

What is Promotional SMS?

A promotional SMS is a message sent by a brand to prospects and customers informing them about promotions, discounts, and offers, flash-sale on a new product, or an incentive to come in and try a new flavour of ice cream, and these types of messages. Marketers run promotional campaigns to increase customer engagement and rocket sales.

Rat SMS allows you to create branded subscription forms, automate SMS sending, and personalize the messages for better performance. Promotional SMS is used for sending marketing and sales messages. They are delivered only to opt-in and non-DND numbers.

Promotional SMS should be sent between 9 am and 9 pm. Promotional messages have a random 6-character Numeric Sender ID determined by the network operator RatSMS is the leading bulk sms service provider in India. which guarantee your sms is delivered in seconds.

Also refer Service Explicit SMS

How to Send a Promotional SMS Campaign

. Register with Rat SMS.
. Pick your pricing plan.
. Upload contacts.
. Create a promotional SMS campaign.
. Send SMS | Receive enquiry’s | Convert your Sales.

What is the price for sending promotional SMS?

The price depends on your volume and you can find more details on our pricing page.