Return, cancellation and Refund policy

Our Return, cancellation and Refund policy

Refunds are reversal transactions wherein complete or partial money is moved back to the customer’s source account (account from which actual payment was made). A refund can only be created for a successful or settled transaction. The use case for a refund arises in the following scenarios Learn More about our company Return, cancellation, and Refund policy.
Customer initiated refund (returns/cancellation) – Customer has changed his mind about the consumption of product pre/post order delivery Merchant initiated refund – Refund can be initiated by the merchant in the following scenarios:
.Product/service is out of stock
.Merchant works on a prepaid model wherein the initial amount was higher than the final billed amount (prepaid service model). For example, Mismatch in transaction status between Paytm or Razorpay, PayU, PayuMoney and merchant wherein transaction is failed state at merchant’s end but is successful at Gateway aggregator end.
.You can initiate partial or complete refunds to your customer’s source account. A refund request usually takes 7-14 business days to reflect in the customer’s account depending on the bank used for payment.
.If the customer spent 30% of the credit, but they want back the remaining 70% credit amount, We will be ready to refund that 70% amount within 2 to 3 working days, It is applicable only for those who transfer the amount using our direct account details. If the customer paid the amount using Gateway payment like Paytm, Razorpay, PayU, PayuMoney or Instamojo that amount will be reflected in your account between 7 to 160 working days. Once we got your money, we will refund it right away to your account.
.For example, a Customer buys a 1 Lakh SMS Credit for 14,160 including 18% of GST (GST Amount 2,160 for 12,000 rupees). We will refund the money from 12,000. If it had happened any mistake happens from the company side, we will refund 100% but a mistake happened on your side we will deduct 20% from the net payment

NOTE:GST Amount will not be refunded, it filed for next month input.