SMPP Engineer

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Job Description

‍Roles and Responsibilities

. The role of the SMPP engineer is to monitor the performance of our services and also provide 24/7 technical support with      the solution to the problems that customer reports.
. They should have deep understanding knowledge of the products that are newly launched or modulation of an existing
      one. Responsible for customer experience and ensuring satisfaction.

‍Key responsibilities:

. Interact with customers while online testing and assisting with usage.
. Must have working experience with SMPP protocol and SMS gateways.
. Should have knowledge of installation and configuration of bearer box Gateway, Open SMPP Box, customization of SQLBox      & SMPP Protocol for SMS Routing
. Assisting various Technical Teams with tasks that require optimization and modifications to the current infrastructure.
. Work on clients' queries and provide resolution. Troubleshoot issues of Linux, and SQL queries and handle databases.
. Interaction with clients in some cases for online testing to debug the issue.
. Should be aware of Verified SMS, Google RCS business messaging, Whatsapp business API working and process.
. Manage timelines, and product releases, and track and resolve bugs with the engineering team.
. Must have strong organization, communication, and documentation skills.


. B.Tech/B.E/BSc computer science.
. Experience in troubleshooting, deployment of SMPP Module, data coding, and character typesetting.
. Working knowledge of MySQL queries, SMPP protocol, and SMS gateways.
. Troubleshooting knowledge in MySQL and other SMPP issues.
. Require Basic knowledge in networking such as IP address, networking route, & DNS.
. Require Strong technical and analytical skills.